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For fifteen thousand years, the Galactic Republic was the sole power in the Galaxy. Enforcing peace and justice throughout those years. But all of that changed when the formation of the Terran Imperium. Under the rule of their Near-Immortal Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia, he expanded the Imperium's control throughout the Galaxy, creating the largest empire the Galaxy had ever seen. This act would create a 10,000 year-long cold war between the two factions that resulted in wars, destruction, and death throughout this period. A period known simply as the Great Galactic Cold War.

Centuries of tensions have erupted into two separate Galactic Wars between the two superpowers, the first ended in a truce and the second is on the horizon and is something everyone fears as a possibility. The Republic has grown and stabilized over the thousands of years since then, adapting and changing to the times, while the Imperium has stagnated and remains uncharged, the Imperium may not survive if it doesn't change if it doesn't reform.

Yet, whispers of a much sinister nature can be heard throughout the millennium, whispers of a horror yet to be seen, muted questions about a universe dying, quite words exchanged of a remnant of a group of horrid monsters that's been plotting the destruction of all, creating their magnum opus, their... Eternal Requiem

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